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Client Advisory Board

In April 2007 Alpha Financial Advisors, LLC officially started its Client Advisory Board.  This group provides insight into how we can serve our clients better; we hear about their concerns on the economy and the investment markets; and we get a deeper sense of how we do as advisors.  The group sharpens our communications.  Six clients were on our innaugural board.  The group meets twice per year.  We have gained their input on our portfolio performance reporting, future growth plans, web site development,  client communications, client review meetings, and overall customer service.  We specifically sought board members with a broad range of professional experience to give us a wide range of opinions on how we could transform our firm into a world-class operation. 

Our board has now expanded to 9 members and we continue to meet to address new challenges and opportunities.  Our board members comprise a broad array of professional talent:

  • Bankruptcy Attorney
  • Primary Care Physician
  • Commercial Masonry Contractor
  • Interventional Radiologist
  • Communications & Public Relations Director
  • Retired Global Shipping Executive
  • Certified Public Accountant & Tax Specialist
  • Business Banking Relationship Manager
  • Real Estate Property Manager

At Alpha Financial, we are in tune with our clients' needs and we take our clients' feedback very seriously.  We are committed to delivering the best client experience possible.  Our board provides us with valuable insight into the areas for improvement.  We are proud of our Client Advisory Board and will continue to listen to what they tell us.  That in turn will ensure that we remain attentive to your needs.

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