Our Mission Statement

We partner with clients in long-term, trusted financial advisory relationships.

We strive to provide financial peace of mind by delivering tailored objective advice designed to give clients the confidence to pursue their own passion, dreams and talents.

Our Vision and Core Belief

At Alpha, we firmly believe that it all starts with having a clear vision of your unique goals. With this clarity, we combine objective advice and experience-led execution to bring the collective vision to life. We offer every client true peace of mind. We define peace of mind as a deeply rooted confidence that comes from feeling in control and knowing your financial plan is built on a foundation of increasing self-knowledge and awareness. It is at this critical juncture – the intersection of proactive planning and peace of mind – that we believe our clients have the highest potential to realize their goals.

Our vision, led by the CEO of Alpha Financial Advisors, Ann Reilley, CFP®, CPA, focuses on helping others achieve financial goals, as well as understanding of each client’s unique purpose, mission and values. We strive to empower clients by offering education, tools and resources aimed at facilitating clear communication and bringing definition to their ambitions and objectives. Each client has different ideas about what makes life great. We take the burden out of managing the financial details so clients can enjoy life’s journey and live out their unique purpose. We strive to be a force of calm, a navigator in the face of anxiety and uncertainty that all too often accompany financial success.

The Meaning of Alpha

Alpha Financial Advisors was founded in 2002. In the investment world, alpha represents a measure of performance on a risk-adjusted basis. In English, the word “alpha” is commonly used to mean beginning or first, reflecting the word’s origin as the first letter of the Greek alphabet. We chose the name Alpha because it speaks to our core belief and that is: Client interests always come first. By upholding the highest standards we are committed to making a lasting difference for clients and their families.