A Personal Connection

We aim to establish a personal connection with every client who walks through our doors. Understanding each client’s individual value system accelerates our ability to provide maximum benefit as trusted financial advisors.

By asking thoughtful questions and listening attentively, we gather all the facts to grasp the intricacies of each client’s situation. This enables the Alpha team to create the wealth management strategy most likely to achieve the intended outcomes based on individual needs.

We believe clients should be actively involved in defining their financial goals, and the process should be intuitive and empowering. As advisors, we value knowing our clients on a deep and personal level, so we can better understand their communication styles and better support them throughout the decision-making process.

  • Grandchildren
  • Friends
  • Couple-Traveling
  • Graduation

Your Financial DNA

Research & experience shows that the best way to create lasting wealth is to understand yourself, and then tailor a financial strategy suited to your financial personality – your “Financial DNA.”

This includes not only your investment risk tolerance but also all of your predictable, natural DNA behaviors which instinctively take over decision-making when you are under pressure and therefore strongly influence decisions over your life-time.

Curious to learn more about your Financial DNA? Take the test.

The Money Mind

Most people have never taken the time to clearly articulate what matters most with their money and what they truly want it to do for them over their lifetime. We all have a “money story” that has been created by individual and collective experiences over time. When presented with financial decisions that include motivating factors such as fear, confusion, commitment or happiness, many people will revert to dominant behaviors. Emotions can sometimes take over and drive the decision-making process.

Even in the most analytical people we meet, it is clear that psychological factors impact financial behaviors!

Most of us were never taught how to think and communicate about money. For example, we find that couples can be vastly different in the way they approach money issues such as spending, saving and gifting. Some don’t like to talk about money. The key lies in being able to understand and empathize with each unique perspective and align these values with your collective goals. We help clients to identify ways that their financial success can bring them happiness and fulfillment, as well as specific ways their money can be of service to them. We view money as a tool that is meant to help you live out your purpose.

“The dominant determinant of long term real life investment outcomes is not investment performance, it is investor behavior.”

– Nick Murray